Jean-Charles ZAMBO

Jean Charles is a multidisciplinary artist.
His professional background is quite unusual. In love with theater, he studied in the art school LA COMETE, while pursuing his artistic journey as a dancer alongside numerous choreographers (Laura Scozzi, Sébastien Lefrançois (Trafic de Style), Robin Orlyn, Cie Déséquilibres, Georges Mombove…

In addition to practicing hip-hop and corporal expression, he developed his own particularity: swing dances such as lindy hop and charleston, two styles of dance born in the roaring twenties America.
After finishing first at the swing dances world championship (International Lindy Hop Championship 2015, Washington), in the “Solo Charleston” league, he conquered the world with a style of his own, mixing different influences and energies. He trained numerous artists from other disciplines, such as ice dancing multiple European and world champions: Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizerons. He has also been the French face of the brand Tommy Hilfiger on the T-Flex collection.

In France, he is quite one of a kind. He is often compared to those artists from the golden age of swing who used to sing, dance and play. But he also constantly changes his repertoire and accepts the different challenges that come along the way.

As a songwriter, he also wrote songs for well-known French hip hop and contemporary choreographers such as Jann Galois and P=mg, Claire Moineau (both winners of the SACD Beaumarchais prize), XXe tribue, YUDAT, Cie 6e dimension… He is also the 2007 winner of the Beaumarchais Prize with the play “Apparence(s)”, that he choreographed with Féroz Sahoulamide and for which he also wrote the soundtrack, under the name of Cie ULTIME.
His greatest quality is his ability to fit into any environment, serving the different projects which he participates in.

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