Mounia Nassangar was only 10 years old when she was introduced to dance in 2002 by her brother who is a breakdancer. Her first love in art turned naturally towards hip-hop, particularly Locking, Popping, House Dance, New Style.
In 2007, Mounia discovered a new passion for Waacking and Voguing when she was introduced by her hip-hop teacher to people coming from these two backgrounds. She was introduced to voguing for women, and after that she joined the Parisian ballroom scene and became a member of the iconic “House of Mizrahi”, and she specialized in Runway.

Mounia practiced Waacking as an amateur from 2006 to 2012 by taking courses and also through films and through the Internet.

In 2013, she decides to specialize in this discipline by doing a series of national and international battles where she stands out by winning numerous battles :

  • Streetstar 2015 (Stockholm, Sweden) in pairs with SonYa
  • Wack to the future 2017 (New York, United States)
  • Old School Night 2018 20thAnniversary (Osaka, Japan)

In addition to this, she’s a judge in some competitions and gives workshops in France, China, Russia, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Amsterdam.

In 2016, she took the decision to become a professional dancer and to drop out of college. She signed up to the Choreia training, at the Centre des Arts Vivants to learn the basics of academic dances.
She co-founds with Joseph Madoki and Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim the French Wacking group “Ma Dame Paris” in which she performs and creates choreographies.

For the past two years, “Ma Dame Paris” has been a mix of :

  • Shows : “Waackez-vous Français?” played in festivals : Karavel, Kalypso, I Love This Dance, Session de style
  • Battles : national and international where they win the Werk The Floor 2017 competition (London, England)
  • Concept videos : “Ma Dame Paris Meets… » which aims at making videos with only French speaking songs featuring non-French resident guests.
  • Fashion brand
  • 2018/2019 creation : “Oui et vous?”

With Viola Chiarini, she founded in 2017 the “Made In Waack” association, with the intention of fostering the Waacking culture by holding events (trainings, battles, parties, conferences, meetings).

Following a few artisitic encounters, Mounia appeared in video clips (Alune Wade, Marine Bercot…), advertisements (Citadium), short movies (Hugo Fazi), documentaries (Sarah Ackerer / Ivan Dion, Carnet d’Ivoire). She got a part in Gaspard Noé’s latest film “Climax”, awarded at the 2018 Director’s Fortnight.

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